ETA V/s Visa for Australia – A comparison for visitors?

Australia is one of the most visited place in terms of tourism. The normal footfall of tourist here each year is more as compared to any countries. Australia holds the natural beauty along with the nicely organized cities and good form of transportation for the people coming here each year. In order to enter the country, however tourist need to apply for Visa or ETA so that they are checked and are eligible for the entry to australia. An ETA is quite easy and most preferable one as compared to au visa and below comparison will help you know more better about the two

  • In terms of ease of convenience the ETA or www eta immi gov au is better. It helps the user as the entire process is done online and there is no need of traveling to the visa offices.
  • In terms of expiration ETA holds valid only for 3 months and is normally used for short term visits, business visits or the Tourist purpose. In case you are planning to have a stay more than the three months then you need Visa for you.
  • The checking and formalities done for ETA and Visa would be same. The probability of rejection in ETA and Visa is same. You need to be careful while filling out your detail and ensure that it is correct.
  • ETA is restricted to only citizens of certain countries which has been whitelisted by Australian Government for the travel. In case you don’t lie in these countries then you don’t have any option other than the Visa.

As from visitor point of view if you are visiting frequently then an ETA would be an option as it is convenient to apply for. In case you don’t fall in the category for ETA then only option is for a Visa.