Interesting Facts about Crossword Puzzles That You May Not Know About

The crossword puzzle is one of the most popular games that are known to us. This is the reason why you get to see these puzzles on a daily basis in every edition of newspapers. Many people love to solve these crossword puzzles in their leisure time. The crossword puzzle answers or the crossword quiz answers are published every day in the newspaper. But if you are impatient enough not to wait for the next day then you can find out the answers with the help of a crossword puzzle solver online.

Interesting Facts about Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are interesting to solve but have you ever tried to find out any facts about them. If you haven’t then here is your chance to know some of the interesting facts about crossword puzzles.

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  1. Did you know that crossword aficionados are also known as ‘cruciverbalists?’
  2. The first-ever crossword puzzle that was introduced to us was made by Arthur Wynne. He made the crossword puzzle for the eight-page comic book New York World in December 1913. He wanted to try something new and that is how he came up with the idea of crossword puzzles. Well, that is how crossword puzzles came into existence.
  3. The Times Crossword puzzle was first published in the year 1930.
  4. The oldest competition of Crossword Puzzle that is known to us is the Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. This tournament began in the year 1978.
  5. Did you know that a Japanese crossword puzzle is known as a nonogram.
  6. The National Crossword Day is celebrated every year on 21st
  7. In the ruins of Pompeii, word crossword puzzles were found.

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