The Electronic System for Travel Authorization for US Travel

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization, abbreviated as ESTA is an automated system to determine eligibility of travelers visiting to the United States under Visa waiver Program (VWP). The Visa waiver Program is a program of the United States’ government for citizens of specific nations for granting permission to enter the United States tourism, business or transit for up to 90 days without having to obtain a visa. This System does not determine the admissibility of a traveler, either entering US by air or sea which is determined on landing of a traveler on any US sea or airport. This system can’t be construed as a visa to enter the United States. This program has also been introduced by the Australian government.

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ESTA application

The application for seeking entry in the United States under this system can be submitted any tome before actual travel, although early application is recommended in general. There are total of 38 eligible participating nations under this program. However, arriving by land from Canada or Mexico doesn’t require approval under this system. From April 1, 2016, e-Passport is has become a mandatory requirement to use the WVP. It is a kind of secured passport with electronic chip for enhanced security and is shown as unique international on the passport cover.

Japan’s travelers to US under ESTA

Japan is one of the 38 eligible nations the citizens of which can travel to US using this system under VWP. The online ESTA application can be made on esta cbp dhs gov . All you need is your contact information and email address, valid MasterCard, VISA, American Express credit card, and recent employment information, if applicable. The eligibility requirement for this program is passport issued by VWP Country. You travel should be for maximum of 90 days for business, pleasure or transit purpose. You shouldn’t have a regular US visa in your possession.