Travel to Australia with Visa Australia

Australia is a single continent and a country. It is a land of beautiful Landscape and varied climatic conditions. People travelling to Australia must have a valid travel document or authorization to enter its territory. They are usually issued a visa Australia or an electronic travel authority.

What is ETA and who are eligible?

An ETA is an electronic travel authority issued to people from certain countries, which are exempted from visa. With Australia ETA service, a person can enter the Australian territory even without a visa. Thus, it is an electronic authorization to enter Australia. The following are the applicants eligible for Australia ETA:

  • Citizens of countries from Brunei, U.S.A, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and republic of Korea.
  • People travelling to Australia for tourism purpose, business visit or visiting a family or friend.
  • A person whose duration of his visit is less than 3 months.

www eta immi gov au

A person applying for Australia ETA with visa Australiaonline must have a passport, valid credit card and an email address.While filling out the online application form, one must enter the correct details as in the passport. The person must also carry the same passport while travelling to Australia. Any traveller who entered Australia without a valid travel document or a visa will be denied entry into Australia unless an identity is produced.

Conditions for an electronic travel authority

A person must be living outside Australia to be eligible for www eta immi gov au. Some of the conditions for an ETA are:

  • Foreign nationals from certain countries are eligible for Australia ETA
  • A person having an electronic travel authority can come to Australia to explore business opportunities, attend conferences and meetings or carry out business work provided they do no work here.
  • The Australia ETA is valid for 1 year from the date of issue and the person can enter and leave Australia whenever they want during that 1 year.
  • He or she can join a study course provided that the course duration is only for 3 months.